About Us

how my road to Salsa started

Over 20 years ago I was given an opportunity to become a sales representative and began a journey into the fascinating world of the jewellery trade. Along the way, I was fortunate enough to meet many fabulous working jewellers with whom I developed not only prosperous working relationships but also some wonderful friendships.

With all these great people on my side and after 4 years of employment I decided to boldly ‘go it alone’ and set myself up as an Independent Sales Agent that specialised in Silver, where I developed a promising and ever-increasing customer base.

One of the collections that I instantly fell for and opted to concentrate on was a Mexican Silver collection. With the unique design and incredible craftsmanship of each piece that was forged from an exceptional grade of silver, the decision to prioritise this collection was my best one to date.

As the years progressed…

I was afforded the opportunity to visit Mexico with the purpose to meet the silver smiths that produced this beautiful range of jewellery. What a privilege to observe the skill of a very talented man who took a lump of something and crafted it into a silver Dragonfly brooch.

Jewellery making is art in its truest form, and I believe that everyone is entitled to own something that has been so beautifully crafted

Salsa Silver Jewellery Store Arrived

Understanding the provenance of my product is incredibly important and yes, it does render me slightly boring as I can bleat on and on…

Then came the shop… Salsa Silver was originally born by my predecessors who went on to develop a wholesale business alongside their retail unit, they wanted to offer this gem of a market that they had found on their travels to South America to the UK market.

The decision to step aside and embrace retirement came after over 2 decades of hard work and the opportunity to pick up the Salsa Silver baton was handed to me.

With such a prestigious family history to build on, the new Salsa Silver team intend to make every effort to continue working with our friends and jewellers in Mexico and will endeavour to continue supplying a range of fantastic classic and unique designs that will suit all pockets.

I would like to give a special thanks to our existing patrons for their continued support and to welcome in all guests who are visiting us.
Salsa Silver Jewellery